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Maintenance and Repairs

Mercedes & Smart

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Your specialist

for over a decade

DTM Auto provides a variety of maintenance and repair services for your Mercedes or Smart, including under manufacturer warranty. Our services range from the initial revision covered by the warranty to the more complex mechanical breakdown, at unbeatable rates.


“Very welcoming and attentive to the client’s needs; I highly recommend this garage. Its rates are also much lower than in a dealership.”

“I’ve been a customer since the beginning, they do a great job! I can’t recommend this garage enough to any Mercedes owner.”

“Thank you for your professionalism, your technical skills and your kindness. I highly recommend this garage.”

“Specialised in German cars. Excellent work at a very reasonable price. Good customer relations. I recommend their services.”

“Highly professional. They identified the issue very quickly, and it was solved the very same day.”

“Thierry and his team have been servicing my cars for many years, and I wouldn’t change car mechanics for anything! Perfect and timely service, at a reasonable rate.”

“I discovered DTM having looked far and wide for a good car mechanic, and since then I let Davy service my cars without a concern in the world. He always works wonders at a very reasonable rate. I have referred my Mercedes-owning friends to them and they all came back delighted, which is why I highly recommend this garage.”

“Professional and honest. The entire team is really friendly. Davy is always helpful. The work is completed seriously and in a timely manner. They don’t try to convince you to undertake superfluous repairs. I’ve always been very satisfied.”